One thought on “Joy Pullmann on the Connection Between Common Core & Data Mining

  1. Leonie Haimson of New York City Public School Parents used Ms. Pullman’s data and learned that The Gates Foundation and US DoEd had planned to data mine from the beginning. They set up public/private partnerships in which the federal dept of education and private entities will share data and do who knows what with it. I can tell you as a public school educator, teachers and higher education professors do not approve of any of this misuse of data and distortion of test scores.

    Here is what Leonie found after writing to one of the grantees collecting the data for DoEd:
    “I wrote the people at the Data Quality Campaign, funded primarily by the Gates Foundation, which is now running the counter-campaign on privacy and holding webinars with other Gates grantees like the National PTA, in a desperate attempt to convince parents that they have
    nothing to fear from the Common Core or student data collection. ”

    The state of TN is demanding that universities give them the certification numbers of every mentor teacher in which we place our pre-service university student teachers for their practicums & internships. TNDoED plans to use the mentor teacher’s T-CAP and PARCC test scores to determine the quality of our teacher education programs. We may all agree & disagree about what a quality preservice education program should look like. However, the power elite’s invasive bullying tactics are out of control.

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