Join the #dischargeOhHB237 Tweetfest

We wanted to draw your attention to a TweetFest happening for Ohio being led by Ohioans for Educational Freedom (@Ohio4Edufreedom).  Some background:

On Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at the Repeal Common Core Rally at the Ohio Statehouse, State Rep. John Adams (R-85) showed a discharge petition to be issued to the entire Ohio House of Representatives. This petition requires 50 signatures from house members to send the petition to the Speaker for consideration to bring the bill out for a house floor vote.

So the TweetFest which has gone on for a week already and ends on June 27th is meant to target Ohio legislators to sign the petition and bring HB 237 out for a vote.  Please use the hashtag #dischargeOhHB237.

They also have a Thunderclap petition that can be signed.