Jindal Blasts Common Core at Republican Leadership Conference

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Somebody looks like they want to run for President.  Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal took another swipe at the Common Core during his remarks at the 2014 Republican Leadership Conference being held this weekend in New Orleans.

From KRDO:

“I’m against the Common Core, and I don’t want Louisiana to be in the Common Core,” he said to booming applause at the Republican Leadership Conference — the annual conservative confab, held this year in New Orleans.

Jindal is term-limited as Louisiana governor and is considering launching a bid for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016. He’s was the first in a series of conservative White House hopefuls to speak at the conference.

Jindal was once for Common Core but recently has said he wants Louisiana, which adopted the standards in 2010, not to participate.

“We’ve taken a lot of criticism in this state from folks that have criticized me for being against it,” Jindal said Thursday.

“Let me be very clear, I’m for standards and I’m for our kids learning and our kids being able to compete but it seems to me that there is something fundamentally wrong when the bureaucrats, when the federal government especially, thinks they know best and they don’t need to listen to parents.”

Ok, now let’s see this translated into action for the parents of Louisiana.

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One thought on “Jindal Blasts Common Core at Republican Leadership Conference

  1. The people who developed Common Core probably learned by tried and true
    methods like most parents have. It has all the stink of the “new math” I
    encountered in 1970 when I attended college. We’d be given 4
    easy-to-work problems that took 4 PAGES to work by the “new math”
    method. Kids need to learn facts, dates, vocabulary, science, and grammar.

    nothing wrong with today’s children if their parents take an interest
    in them make them learn what is needed for a great education. Take away
    the phones and games, and let’s back to the basics of learning.
    Otherwise we’re going to develop into a society of people needing
    calculators day and night, while our brains just vegetate.

    not saying that all technology is bad: Instead of paying millions (if
    not billions) on this Common Core junk, spend the money on “school”
    computers, get rid of textbooks, and have the textbooks available on the
    computer. A “school” computer for EACH child is needed to keep up with
    the changing world in which we live.

    And don’t forget that
    federal money always comes with strings. Most of the money will be
    spent on new supervisors and more paperwork for the teachers (which
    NOBODY reads).

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