One thought on “Jeb Bush’s RNC Speech

  1. Mr. Jeb Bush,  even though you didn’t use the term, you do support common core.  How can you support Common Core, either on academic grounds or on conservative political grounds?!  I don’t get it.  Common Core is clearly nationalized, mediocre education.  Fifteen percent is the cap (set-in-writing ) that the Department of Education has put on improving educational standards under Common Core.  We are not free under Common Core.  The standards are under copyright and the NGA/CCSSO that copyrighted them, have claimed sole creation and ownership of them; their copyright states “no claims to the contrary shall be made.”  So how is Common Core led by the states?  How can anybody say Common Core gives locals a voice when the standards LACK an amendment process?  The program claims to improve international competitiveness, yet algebra I is put in 9th grade, when it used to be in 8th, and it’s still in 8th in the excellent Asian countries. The program claims to improve rigor, yet it mandates the slashing of classic literature.  It mandates the minimizing of classic literature in ENGLISH classrooms. 

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