One thought on “James Milgram Discusses Common Core Math Standards on Fox Business

  1. Parents better wake up. GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM. It is the only real answer to this problem that we have control over. DC isn’t going to help us and neither are most of the state Governors. Parents have to the control to take this agenda to its knees if they would just get the guts to do what they need to do. Take your kids out of the system. Even if they have to sit at home for a year it would be better than what they are learning (or not learning) in school. Homes school brings less stress and binds the family. All the things the current system has destroyed. Our children are stressed, families are stressed, families don’t talk to one another, they don’t eat meals together. Recent home school parents say it is the best decision they ever made. If 25-30% of all kids were pulled out of the system the system would just about collapse. They would then do what we want. We want the US Dept. of ED to be defunded and shut down. We want the US out of UNESCO. We want TRUE local control restored at the LEA level. Parents have the power now do they have the fortitude to do what is right. Is free babysitting service worth the price you and your children will pay in the end??????

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