It’s Christmas in June in New Jersey for Common Core Opposition

newjerseyflag_thumb.jpgJan Lenox with Concerned Citizens of Southern New Jersey sent out the following email this morning which I’m sharing with her permission. It’s great to see some progress on Common Core opposition in the Garden State.

Dear friends,

         Many of you may have already gotten this news, however, if not here it is.  Like a very early Christmas present, a belated  Mother’s day or Father’s day gift or as I like to think of it ~~ Divine Intervention ~~; our bill,  A308l To create a task force to examine Common Core…. Was passed by an almost unanimous vote (74 – 4 – 2 abs.)  We are delighted with this result.  Although it bears a different number than when we started, A990 was the original #, it’s still the same bill introduced last year in LD1.  Michelle M. and I were there when they voted and it was awesome to witness it in person.

         On Thursday, 6/19, the Senate bill will be read in the Senate Education Committee and there is a good chance they may vote on it also.  This meeting will take public comments and/or testimony from the floor.  If you can be there or would like more information about it, feel free to give me a call or visit click on bill number S2154 or S253.  You can also get the updated information from the site.  Please keep calling your State Senators to vote for this bill.

         Our group, Concerned Citizens of SNJ, began this journey in March of 2013.  We’ve had many defeats along the way, however, we knew that we were doing the right thing for our children and grandchildren.  God moved us and kept gently moving us forward.  Nothing like seeing that board light up with green lights indicating ‘the bill is passed’.  One step closer to educational freedom!

         See you at the State House on Thursday, 10:00 AM.

Stop Common Core warriors in New Jersey, keep up the great work!

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