Indiana Talk Show Host Greg Garrison Blasts Common Core

Greg Garrison was on fire during his Friday radio show on WIBC, blasting the Common Core as a federal intrusion. In his usual, colorful style he said the standards ”stunk to high heavens of federal intervention, with the kookiest people in the world making the plans.”

He took the time to read a piece by Terrence Moore, ”Will Indiana Cut and Paste its Way to Common Core,” which posted on the Library of Liberty and Law site that morning. Garrison echoed the sentiments of Moore asking:

“Are these people really in charge of our children’s education?”

His answer was yes, and they have been for awhile. He called upon Governor Pence to step up and fix what many have already reported as a rebranding of Common Core Standards into Indiana’s “new” standards. His message was to reject the Common Core and return to a quality education, it isn’t too late. He no longer buys the talking points being offered by “conservatives” claiming the benefits of uniform standards.

“I may have been asleep at the switch on Common Core, and not as harsh of a critic on academic standards as I should have been. I should have said more than I did, put my nose more into the Common Core, but better late than never.” He’s now on the warpath.

Welcome to the party, Mr. Garrison, happy to have a reputable man on board!

One thought on “Indiana Talk Show Host Greg Garrison Blasts Common Core

  1. Ummmm… we are not frogs. We are human beings made in the image of God. When we read the Bible… and it tells us to raise our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord… we can wake up… realize… God WANTS US TO REMOVE ALL CHILDREN OF CHRISTIANS… ALL CHRISTIAN CHILDREN… FROM PUBLIC SCHOOL. So, no need to be as a frog sitting in the incrementally rising heat of the pot of water moving to boiling point… is there???

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