Indiana Senate Passes Anti-Common Core Bill

indiana-state-house-newThe Indiana Senate passes SB 193, a measure that would put the brakes on Indiana’s implementation of the Common Core, on a 38-11 vote.  If this bill passes the Indiana House and then is signed into law by Governor Mike Pence it will force a level of transparency for the Indiana State Board of Education was lacking last time around.  I wrote last week:

…if passed will mandate that the Common Core State Standards are assessed without limitation.  It will also require that the Indiana State Board of Education have public sessions in every congressional district so that parents can share their concerns and desires about Indiana’s standards and their alignment with the Common Core.   It will require that the SBOE and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction receive advice from subject-area teachers and experts. Basically the bill requires the expertise, transparency, and public discussion that are hallmarks of good governance and  a democratic republic –hallmarks that were completely circumvented when Indiana adopted the Common Core in 2010.

They will also have to have an independent cost analysis done.

After all of this will Indiana still have the Common Core?  Possibly.  This bill doesn’t go as far as I would like.  It would really depend on how open-minded the State Board of Education is, what feedback they receive and the political will of legislators if they don’t like what they see and hear.  Another wildcard is that Governor Pence has the opportunity to appoint six people, I believe, to the Board.  Will he appoint those who believe in federalism and local control or not?

The ball will definitely be in his court and we’ll be watching.