Indiana Math Teacher Testifies Against Common Core

Layton Elliot, the math chair at Brebeuf Jesuit Prepartory School in Indianapolis, IN, recently testified against the Common Core Math Standards during the Indiana Legislative study committee hearing last Tuesday.

I’ve been told by those who live in the area that this school is well-respected in the community, in particular, their math department.  Catholic schools in Indiana (and elsewhere) seem to have bought into the Common Core State Standards.  This testimony should serve as a warning from one of their own.

Don’t go there.

Also Catholic schools that feed into Brebeuf Jesuit should reconsider their support of the Common Core as they will be doing their students a disservice as they enter high school.

Here is the video of the testimony below:

2 thoughts on “Indiana Math Teacher Testifies Against Common Core

  1. Just FYI, Brebeuf is an independent Jesuit school, not affiliated with the Archdiocese. It, therefore, does not have feeder schools like a diocesan Catholic school.

    1. I’m from this area and our little Catholic school sent almost 20 kids there last year. Catholic grade schools absolutely feed Brebeuf and parents in Indianapolis should be aware that the programs being implemented in Catholic grade schools will not prepare their kids for Brebeuf or other top flight high school programs.

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