Indiana Governor Mike Pence Breaks Silence on Common Core


After a long silence we finally have a feel of how Indiana Governor Mike Pence may handle Common Core legislation that could hit his desk.

Joy Pullmann of School Reform News reports:

Indiana leaders will “take a long, hard look” at Common Core, said Gov. Mike Pence in response to a School Reform News question at a public event Friday…

…Pence said he believed states created Common Core but the federal government has begun to get overly involved. He suggested Indiana could mimic Virginia, which has not adopted Common Core or corresponding national tests, but has compared its education standards to Common Core so teachers can use Common Core materials. Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, chair of the Republican Governors Association, has said Common Core represents federal micromanagement over education.

He said he would bring his “anti-No Child Left Behind biases” to this issue.

While this is encouraging I’d like to point out that “states” did not create the Common Core – special interest groups did.  Also I’d like to see action behind the rhetoric – Governor Pence does not need legislation to remove Indiana from the Common Core.  He will be making appointments to the Indiana State Board of Education who can vote to remove them.

Photo Credit: House Republican Conference via Flickr (CC-By-NC 2.0)

6 thoughts on “Indiana Governor Mike Pence Breaks Silence on Common Core

  1. Awesome!…Now…how will we convince ChickenPooper in Colorado to do the same?

  2. Federal law can not mandate or make all students equal in achievement. The gap between reality and what No CHild left Behind/Race To Top demand is where the pressure to cheat is coming from.

    1. It is also coming the monetary “carrot” that the feds dangle in front of the states. If the states bite, the feds hand them money.It’s also why we rely so heavily on standardized test. Think of the cost of taking SAT’s and other exams. It is a very lucrative business. Testing companies – “You scratch our back and we’ll scratch yours!”

  3. DOE should be abolished. Education should be brought back down to the most local level possible, even to the local school district. Parents should be involved in a school curriculum, not government appointees including the likes of self-proclaimed domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

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