Indiana GOP Leaders: State Should Write Own Standards


There was an encouraging story in the Indianapolis Star yesterday.  An excerpt:

The Republican leaders of the General Assembly want Indiana to scrap the Common Core education standards and have the state adopt its own guidelines to prepare students for college and careers, a report today said.

House Speaker Brian Bosma of Indianapolis and Senate President David Long of Fort Wayne have said they will direct the Republican-controlled Legislature to require the state to create its own set of reading and math standards separate from Common Core, The (Munster) Times reported.

“This phrase ‘Common Core’ has now become such a distraction,” Bosma said. “It is the only thing that approaches the phrase ‘Obamacare’ with concern and violent reaction around the state.”

I’m cautiously optimistic.  If the bill that is filed is one that truly directs a do-over with state standards in Indiana, great.  If it’s just smoke and mirrors dealing with the term “Common Core” then we will address that.  Speaker Bosma’s comment is frustrating though.  It’s not the phrase that is the problem Speaker Bosma, it’s the standards themselves. 

One thought on “Indiana GOP Leaders: State Should Write Own Standards

  1. Saying that the phrase “Common Core” is a distraction is like saying the warning label on a pack of smokes is a distraction.

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