Indiana Democrats Put Politics Before Kids, Skip Common Core Vote

indiana-flagI can’t believe I missed this news last week.  It needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

Members of the Indiana legislative study committee formed by the pause legislation passed last session voted 6 to 1 in favor of replacing the Common Core… a twist though since all Democrat members minus one decided not to show up there wasn’t enough votes to pass a resolution.

From Hoosiers Against Common Core:

The committee Republicans UNANIMOUSLY voted YES for the resolution with several making formal statements against the Common Core. The only Democrat who graced the committee with his presence, Justin Moed, voted no. Because the other democrats failed to show up, there wasn’t enough votes for a majority to pass the resolution.

Thankfully, all is not lost and a recommendation from Republican members will still be issued to the State Board of Education supporting the unanimous decision that Indiana write new standards. After all the hours committed to studying the issue and the public outcry for resolution, it’s unfortunate all members were not present.

In a not so surprising twist, the democrats have decided to put politics over the best interest of our children’s education. Democrats who have voiced concern over the Common Core standards, felt the political rivalry between the State Board of Education and Glenda Ritz  prevented them from voting on the issue.

At least there will still be a recommendation.  There will be a tremendous amount of pressure on the Indiana State Board of Education.  Whether they will actually listen to Indiana parents or to the educational establishment remains to be seen.

You can contact members of the state board here.

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  1. The Criminal Party doesn’t give a dam about Children. They are upset they were not aborted..

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