Illinois Lawmaker Files Common Core Delay Resolution

The state of Illinois is implementing the Common Core State Standards this school year.  State Representative Dwight Kay (R-Glen Carbon) introduced House Resolution 543 last month to urge the Illinois State Board of Education to delay the implementation of the Common Core State Standards until a fiscal study is done.

“State government can’t even meet its current obligations to fund our education system,” said Kay.  “We shouldn’t implement any new programs especially since we don’t know how much this will cost.  Property owners pay their fair share in property taxes in hopes that our state will follow through by matching funds, unfortunately the state continues to delay paying funds promised to our schools.”

“Even local school officials I have spoken to oppose this new program.  With each new administration, there is always a new proposal that is sold as the latest and best way to educate our children.  Without a doubt improving our education system by implementing new technology in the classroom is imperative and crucial to making our next generation competitive in the workforce and global economy.  However, until our state can meet its current obligations to our schools, I urge the State Board of Education to delay the implementation of Common Core,” Kay added.

The resolution is co-sponsored by State Representatives Sanda Pihos (R-Glen Ellyn), Bill Mitchell (R-Decatur), Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake), and David Leitch (R-Peoria).

6 thoughts on “Illinois Lawmaker Files Common Core Delay Resolution

  1. If people from Illinois read this, they need to call their representatives and senators and educate them about Common Core, then they need to ask their representatives to join Dwight.

  2. I saw the damages NCLB caused. I saw the hoops we jumped through to try to get the Race to the Top money (we did not succeed). The last three years of my teaching career (English/special ed), I saw the Common Core standards being incorporated into curriculum. While I thought – at the time – it might be good to have standards and uniformity, I soon realized that, in my opinion, Common Core would fail. Special ed students will have great difficulty achieving the goals of CC. Testing will become the norm, and creativity and individuality will fly out the windows. Test prep companies aren’t interested in our students; they are interested in profit. We’ve already seen the disaster in NY – inaccurate scores, parents’ and students’ inabilities to see their tests, and school “grades” falling. It’s time we put a hold on yet another “let’s fix education fast” scheme; let those who support Common Core prove it’s working first.

  3. This bill, while a start, is insufficient to address all of the
    questions which must be answered about the Common Core, as it speaks
    merely of the cost involved. It does nothing to explore the issues
    raised about the standards themselves, how the Federal government is
    intruding upon an issue of local control, and how information about our
    children is being harvested for the sake of governmental and corporate

  4. PLEASE stop this multi headed monster called Common Core Curriculum. This educational system takes the decisions away from State, local school boards and especially the parents. Common core disenfranchises us by tying our hands in what is taught to our children. If you look closely at the curriculum, it is more INDOCTRINATION than it is education. The math curriculum is more interested in the thinking process” than arriving at correct answers. It is RIDCULOUS! It is the systematic DUMBING DOWN of our children. The authors of CCC, Bill Gates, large corporations, liberals with an agenda, and Obama has no right to make these choices for us as to how we decide to educate our children. It breaks the spirit of the law…if not the letter of the law by interfering in our children’s education.

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