Huntsville City Schools Pours on the Pro-Common Core Propaganda

Look at the flyer that Huntsville, AL  City Schools distributed to their students and parents with the blessing of their Superintendent Casey Wardynski.

Fortunately one parent is calling foul.

South Huntsville PTA member Anson Knowles said this is improper use of teachers’ and school resources to spread political propaganda. He is calling for parents to turn out in force at the next Huntsville school board meeting, and demand that the board put a stop to schools and teachers pushing a political agenda.

"The issue for me is the appropriate use of resources in the school and maintaining the public’s trust," said Knowles. "The fact that a teacher can hand out flyers to parents and coerce them to talk to their legislators is immoral."

But a school representative said “hey no politics going on here.”  Well *ok* then.  Oh brother.  Well if handing out pro-Common Core propaganda is peachy keen then I’m sure they won’t mind having the opposite view distributed.

Anson Knowles has a website which you can check out here.