How One Parent Is Using the Common Core Opt-Out Form

I was given permission to share an email from Danielle Boudet, a parent from New York, who emailed me in response to the post I wrote yesterday about one family in Illinois having their opt-out form rejected.

I just read your article about the Illinois parent that was denied after she submitted her opt out of the Common Core form.  I agree with your statement that, “this wasn’t meant to be a silver bullet approach.”  And I also agree that it can be a powerful tool to open eyes to the opposition that exists to the Common Core.  I think the form is a great idea and I have also used it to opt out of the Common Core.

Here’s my story and how I used it.  My son is in Pre-K, and our school is full aligned with the Common Core so I had no real expectation of him being in a classroom that does not use it.  However, I filled it out and handed it in person to our principal.  I said that I realize this is largely symbolic, but I want this placed in my son’s permanent file so that it is on record that I am against CCSS from the beginning.

I believe that as time goes on, more and more people are going to realize this is a mistake.  Even school administrators will come to this conclusion if that haven’t already.  Maybe if opposition is put on record and made official, this eye-opening will begin earlier.

Anyway, I love the form, and in good conscious submitting it was something I had to do!

So again, the parental opt-out form is just one tool.  Christel Swasey, whom many of our readers are familiar, also checked the opt out form with her representative on the Utah State Board of Education.  She was told that parents were not allowed to opt out either.

I guess we were not expecting them to roll over and give up were we?  I sure wasn’t.

P.S.  Don’t forget to send me your stories with the opt out form or with how the Common Core is being implemented in your school to

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