Homeschoolers Beware, Saxon Math Aligns to Common Core

From Houghton Mifflin Harcourt re. Saxon Math:

Saxon Math makes it easy for you to empower your all of your students to Master the Common Core State Standards and excel on the Common Core Assessments.

The Common Core State Standards state that standards are coherent if they are articulated over time as a sequence of topics and performances that are logical and reflect, where appropriate, the sequential or hierarchical nature of the disciplinary content from which the subject matter derrives (sic).

Greater coherence through a curriculum that is articulated over time leads to mastery of the Common Core State Standards. Saxon Math accomplishes this through its incremental, distributed pedagogy that builds upon concepts throughout the year, articulating them over time. This allows students to gain deep understanding and long-term mastery of the Common Core State Standards.

Saxon continues to publish earlier editions, but how long before they go out of print?

Update (7-16-13): I was told that the statement above (the link now just goes to the product page) was referring to just the public school version.  Here is a list of their Homeschool Resources, one of which does give a Common Core option.  What isn’t stated is whether or not they’ll be updating the homeschool resources that are not aligned with the Common Core.

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  1. I love the Rod and Staff math. We have used it for first and second grades, and it is fantastic. There is ample review without it being boring, and my kids love the speed drills and extra worksheets that go along with the lessons. It seems to be very “old school’ in format, and it is working great for us.

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