Hey Pittsfield, IL Folks! Here are the Stop Common Core Resources I Promised.


Hey Pittsfield, IL folks it was great spending time with you tonight!  Secondly I apologize for running out of handouts which is an awesome problem to have!

I love being able to talk to groups like you about problems with the Common Core State Standards.  Thank you Carrie Martin for putting this event together.

Also thank you to the school administrators who came and lurked in the back.  I wish we had a dialogue, you should have stayed later so we could talk instead of rolling your eyes… just saying.

I promised I would include the handout I ran out of.  You can download that below:


Homeschoolers who attended.  Here is the link to the homeschool resource website that was mentioned during the Q&A – http://www.theeducationalfreedomcoalition.org/.

Also here is an article I wrote for Homeschool Iowa that you may find helpful.  Though it is geared to Iowans most of it it pretty universal –


Update: Oops… sleep depravation. .. I am in Pittsfield, not Pittsville.  Wow.