Governors and State Education Leaders Did Not Write the Common Core

I had to shake my head reading an article in The Washington Post.  It highlights Randi Weingarten’s schizophrenic approach to the Common Core State Standards – on one hand she says the implementation of the Common Core is more disastrous than Obamacare’s implementation, but she wants Governors to stand by it.

It’s amazing what a little Gates money will do.  But I digress.  What I really wanted to highlight is one paragraph that makes me want to jump out of my skin.

Written by a group of governors and state education officials, with endorsements from the federal government and funding from the Gates Foundation, the Common Core standards are designed to prepare students for an eventual career or college.

No the standards were essentially written by five people who did not even have classroom teaching experience and all but two I believe lacked experience writing standards.  In David Coleman’s own words they were a “collection of unqualified people who were involved in developing the common standards.”

Governors did not write these.  I would suspect most if not all Governors have not even read them.  State educational officials did not write these.  They may have even some impact far down the line, but it’s doubtful that their feedback did anything.

So can reporters stop saying this?  It’s a complete lie.

End rant.