Georgia Teacher Points Out Seven Deadly Sins of Common Core ELA Standards


D’Lee Pollock-Moore is an English teacher and department chair at Warren County High School in Warrenton, Georgia wrote a guest post at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution‘s Get Schooled Blog. She critiques the Common Core ELA Standards.

I wanted to encourage you to read her article at AJC, as well as her original post which is much longer.

Here are what she lists as the “seven deadly sins” of the Common Core ELA Standards:

  1. The Common Core English Standards are too ambiguous
  2. Students do not learn how to emulate famous authors
  3. The Common Core devalues teaching key components of the ELA curriculum
  4. Teachers and student teachers were not fully trained for the change to Common Core
  5. Common Core contains too many standards for each grade level
  6. Common Core English does not teach students the basics
  7. States have misrepresented Common Core to their citizens

Read her full article.