Gates’ Poor Defense of the Common Core on This Week

Bill Gates went on This Week with George Stephanopoulos to defend the Common Core. Here’s the video below:


Some observations:

  • First of all the Common Core’s failure to launch is not because of “confusion.”  We are not confused about what it is.
  • Secondly we also understand it is not a curriculum, they are very poor standards.
  • Third, yes support for the Common Core is bipartisan, so is the opposition.  This is a non-partisan issue that advocates like to paint as partisan to deflect criticism.
  • Fourth, regarding the federal takeover deflection… It’s disingenuous to take a “nothing to see here” approach.  No the Common Core is not federal standards, but they are not state-led either.  They are top-down, centralized standards that did not have state legislative grants of approval.  I guess we’re supposed to ignore the big carrot the Feds dangled in Race to the Top and the No Child Left Behind flexibility waivers?  So are we supposed to look away from the millions the U.S. Department of Education has pumped into Common Core aligned assessments and the review panel they’ve established for those assessment consortiums?
  • The fact he wants us to wait 10 years to see if this experiment was a failure or not is asinine.  These have not been field tested and this shouldn’t be a field test writ large in our nation’s classrooms.  How about this Bill, with your money set up a few charter schools and run the Common Core and see how it does.  Then get back to us about it being good for our kids.

This was a poor defense with the same old tired talking points.  I guess he better spend some more money on marketing.

6 thoughts on “Gates’ Poor Defense of the Common Core on This Week

  1. With all of Gates’ money you would think he could buy some new lies marketed as talking points. *yawn*

  2. And in that 10-year span, the schools of working-class black and Latino kids will be shuttered. We get no reprieve or “hold harmless” period.

  3. I wish the tea party wouldn’t blame this on the progressives and the liberals. This is more of a corporate movement than a partisan movement.

    1. I agree. We need to come together and recognize CC$$ for what it is. Federal takeover of education via the billionaire boys club. The Feds got private money and others to do what the Constitution forbids.

  4. This started with “No Child Left Behind” with Bush, and Obama let this crap continue and even rewarded states for getting onboard. It’s a corporate take-over of public schools, to get their greedy hands in billions of tax dollars. I’ve worked directly with it and see its flaws. Curriculum is no longer linked with education as we knew it, it now ONLY revolves around what testing companies dictate. You’ll never know what these tests contain because it’s a closely guarded secret. All the parents will know is the crazy stuff they see coming home as homework for test prep. They won’t have a clue how to help their kids because the terminology alone is so different that they won’t be much help. Nothing good will come of this! Literature, creative writing, self-expression, art, music and the rest of a well-rounded education will disappear. By the way, in the testing, a student can score higher even if they get the math answers wrong, as long as they explain the steps correctly. They get more points for labeling, concept and terminology than for the correct answers. Yep, that’s reality folks! Gone from the curriculum is handwriting, multiplication tables, spelling (after 4th gade), vocabulary and much of what we learned in school. The math curriculum now is very little basics and a whole lot of useless jargon and concepts. I’m gad to see parents fighting back!

  5. Bill gates forgets he learned the same way all of us did and I would say he did quite well from competition, the common core has kids very frustrated and confused along with parents that don’t know how this thing even works , it’s terrible!

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