Gates Funding Mainstream Education Reporting

NBC News' Education coverage is bought and paid for by Bill Gates. Photo credit: World Economic Forum (CC-By-SA 2.0)
NBC News’ Education coverage is bought and paid for by Bill Gates.
Photo credit: World Economic Forum (CC-By-SA 2.0)

A friend shared with me this NBC News article on my Facebook wall.  It discussed the #CanISee conference that was held in Austin, TX last month.  It was titled “Meet America’s Most Hardcore Common Core Moms.”

While I think most would consider that as a compliment, I’m not sure that the article’s author, Nona Willis Aronowitz, intended it that way.  After calling the conservative element of the Stop Common Core movement as a “small, but vocal faction on the right.”  She said the repeals in Republican states of Indiana (no mention of rebrand), Oklahoma and South Carolina being due to “pressure from small groups of local activists.”

Do you really think politicians will do anything they don’t want to do if they perceive the group pressuring them is small?

She cites a “recent” Gallup poll that is almost a year old.  More than 33% of the population know about the Common Core.  Why not mention the poll that was taken last month that shows support for the Common Core plummeting with parents of school-aged kids?  Parents are learning more about the Common Core, and the more they learn the less they like it.

She then wrote this:

Austin’s #CanISee conference —as in, “Can I see what my children are learning?”— is a who’s-who of the far-right movement that some peg as fringe, but nevertheless gets results….

For the mostly female, mostly older, all-white crowd, Common Core is more than an attack on states’ rights; it’s an affront to Christian, conservative values. These mothers and grandmothers see a campaign against Common Core as an extension of protecting the nuclear family.

Let’s keep in mind that the demographics of the conference is not an accurate sampling of the movement.  She then interviews a couple of University of Texas professors who are supposed to be the “voice of reason” in the piece I suppose.

It’s garbage.

Frankly here is all you need to know about Aronowitz’s piece at the end you see this:

Education coverage for is supported by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. NBC News retains sole editorial control over the content of this coverage.

Sure they do.  NBC News’ ratings must be so poor they need the cash infusion from Gates to stay afloat.  Can’t they see the conflict of interest this represents?  They just threw what journalistic integrity they did have (admittedly they didn’t have much there to begin with) and threw it out the window.

This begs the question – how long has this been going on?

3 thoughts on “Gates Funding Mainstream Education Reporting

  1. Well, as far as I can tell, in a December 1946 document called “Can UNESCO Educate for World Understanding” on page 4 a Mr. Preistley says ” …the point is you know that as soon as children leave school,what we call Mass Media take hold of their minds and influence their minds in various ways, BY mass media, which by the way is an American term, we mean films, radio, press, and exhibitions.”

    This was followed by a 1984 UNESCO Declaration, called the Mass Media declaration. In this lengthy book of the same name, it reads exactly as you would imagine as a directive to nations journalists to do what reads to me as their reporting in the best interest of UNESCO and the goals of the United Nations.

    Funny, I remember Gates has some sort of agreement with UNESCO, does he not?

  2. As more and more parents see what their kids are being taught, they are getting furious. A while back I posted a quick way for parents to check the bias of the books their kids were using in class by checking the index for listings on Tea Party, conservatives, Republicans and the Constitution. See what the books say about those items and you know whether it is skewed to the liberal agenda or whether it is fair. Parents posted that their kids did not bring books home from school, they only brought home work pages so parents were unable to check the books. Parents were frustrated that they could not help their children with math because it was so far away from the math that the parents grew up with. Common Core is just another failed “educational experiment” on our children. Our kids are not lab rats or guinea pigs for radical “educators” who want to try ANOTHER “experiment”.

  3. This is all falling in line with the heavily Gates Foundation backed UN’s Agenda 21.Bill and Melinda Gates along with the UN have been steadly and secretly been working to change how the world’s governments and countries are run and controlled. I’m betting that many Americans didn’t know that Obama has signed an agreement with the UN to implement the Agenda 21’s policies here in America. A by doing so without our consent, he has effectively committed us all to this policy whether we want to be or not.But once you read what Agenda 21 is all about you will start to see why Obama has been making all the policy changes he has been and why there is such a heavy push for the common core to be crammed down the throat of every parent and student of America. You really need to read it.Look up Agenda 21 in your search engine and read it for yourself.

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