Gallup Poll Shows Growing Opposition Among Public School Parents, Republicans

public-polling.jpgGallup took another poll of the Common Core State Standards. They found a sharp divide among public school parents. Based on what parents heard and learned 35% had a negative opinion of the Common Core State Standards, 33% had a positive view, and 32% had either no opinion or they were not familiar.

Contrast that with April when they polled on this. More parents in April viewed the Common Core positively 35% compared to 28% who viewed negatively. 37% said they either had no opinion or they were not familiar with the standards.

This swing of seven points for those who view it negatively shows that the more people learn about the Common Core the less they like it.

Republicans had strong opposition which again shows support for Common Core is a non-starter for 2016 candidates, at least if they want to win the nomination. 58% view the Common Core negatively, only 19% view the standards positively… so yeah Jeb, go ahead and campaign on that.

48% of Democrats viewed them positively, but Gallup called their support “tepid” with only 11% being very positive. 23% of Democrats had a negative view. That my friends is what we call bipartisan opposition with the possibility to sway more Democrats to oppose.

So what has changed? Has the opposition message changed since April. No, the new knowledge that these public school parents have had is first-hand through experience with their kids. That isn’t misinformation. That’s cold, hard reality smacking down cheap (well, not so cheap for Bill Gates) talking points.

Gallup has tried to strain a gnat on this particular poll to gauge “aspects” of the Common Core – standardized testing using computers, national education standards, and linking teaching evaluations to test scores. The problem with this it’s hypothetical.

In the poll that Gallup/Phi Delta Kappa did this summer shows that most parents were concerned about teacher flexibility which would be impacted by all of the above. There may be support for the concept, but when the rubber meets the road well, that’s a different story.

Frankly I think that Gallup/PDK poll more accurately reflected the mood of Americans. Here is what I wrote about that poll.

The PDK/Gallup poll shows that public awareness about the Common Core is growing and with it opposition. Last year this time only 1 in 3 Americans knew anything about the Common Core. Now 8 in 10 Americans say they have heard of it with 47% who said they have heard a great deal or fair amount about the standards.

60% of Americans according to their poll oppose using Common Core.

Think about this… that is slightly less than the number of Americans last year who hadn’t heard about Common Core. PDK/Gallup writes, “for the 60% of Americans who oppose using the Common Core, their most important reason is that it will limit the flexibility that teachers have to teach what they think is best.”

Among public school parents the opposition grows with 62% saying the oppose Common Core with 32% saying the approve. Republicans overwhelmingly disapprove of the Common Core by a 76% to 17% margin. Independents oppose 60% to 34%. A majority of Democrats support the Common Core, but even in their party there is a significant opposition with 53% who support and 38% who oppose.

Americans are split in their views of standardized testing with 54% saying they are not helpful and 45% saying they are. Those numbers are fairly consistent within 1 or 2 points when you compare with Republicans, Democrats and Independents. When you look at public school parents the disdain for standardized testing jumps. 68% say standardized testing is not helpful, while only 31% say that it is.