Florida to Put Cursive Back in Their Standards

florida-state-flagFlorida Education Commissioner Pam Stewart said that she would be announcing changes to the Common Core in the coming months.  The changes are a result of Florida Governor Rick Scott ordering public comment on the Common Core when he made the decision to pull the state out of PARCC.  One change will be that the state will include cursive writing once again.

From the Orlando Sentential:

The Common Core changes sounded relatively minor when she discussed them with Florida senators — but they included adding cursive writing. The lack of cursive writing in Common Core’s language arts standards have upset those who argue learning cursive is still an important academic lesson.

Stewart said the Common Core proposals — which could number about 40 — would be based on suggestions made by the public when the state took comment on Common Core in October. They should be released next week.

This is good news, but the Common Core will need more than “minor changes.”

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      1. No. I had a sinus infection. When one listens closely one can hear how nasal congested I am. I am no pro at making videos and very embarrassed. I feel in time the more videos I make the better I will get. Perhaps your comment was pointed in the wrong direction?

        1. Sorry, I was wrong then. But there is always an option to take it down and re-do it, when the sinus infection is gone. The issue is very serious and I am very concerned about it. I am a high school teacher. And no, my comment wasn’t pointed in the wrong direction. Was there anything in my comment that suggested it did? It was just the impression the video made on me. Sorry again.

          1. My daughter was very upset this day as this was her moment to meet Governor Scott and let him know how she feels. I was comforting her though laughter so she would be strong and remember what she wanted to say. We took several videos and we posted the one she liked best. Leaving a Comment “Is the Mother Drunk?” I thought you were a troll and to leave no reply in my defense was an agreement to your comment. I have several persons review the video and all were in agreement I did not appear to look or sound drunk. I Am a Straight Up Spiritual Person and WE Are ALL Human Having a Human Experience. To judge one or their students is to judge ones self? All is always forgiven as to hold on to negative energy IMO does not allow one to grow therefore blossom 😉

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