Florida Puts Common Core Tweets on Hold; Kansas Ramps Up

Twitter Fail Whale
Twitter’s Fail Whale made out of Legos.

The Florida Department of Education reportedly is putting its Common Core tweets on hold.  WLRN reports:

The Florida Department of Education has put it’s daily tweeting of Common Core State Standards on hold while the agency prepares for a series of public meetings on the math, English and literacy standards.

The agency started sending out a standard of the day to its more than 6,000 followers last month. But DoE communications director Joe Follick said he put the practice on hold after Gov. Rick Scott requested three public meetings to discuss the standards.

Tweeting out a standard a day, Follick said, might give the impression the agency was favoring certain standards over others. Scott has asked the public to come to the meetings prepared with criticisms of specific standards.

“For us to tweet out one a day could create the appearance we’re favoring some,” he said. “We’re asking everybody to review [Common Core]. I just want people to look at it with a clean slate.”

Yes as if they don’t favor the Common Core.  Are we supposed to believe that?

Kansas on the other hand has “ramped” their tweeting on the Common Core up.  I  am using the word “ramped” loosely.  The Kansas Department of Education started tweeting one Common Core “fact” (talking point) a day. They are using the hashtag #EducateKS.  So let’s #EducateKS by tweeting the truth about the Common Core State Standards that they are not getting from their Education Department.

Photo Credit: Bjarne Panduro Tveskov via Flickr (CC-By-NC-SA 2.0)