DNC Says Common Core Is a Third Rail

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An email discovered among the correspondence that was part of the Wikileaks dump of hacked Democratic National Committee files explains why Common Core was not mentioned in their platform approved yesterday at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.


“Common Core is a political third rail that we should not be touching at all. Get rid of it.” If you are not aware a political third rail means that an issue is dangerous to touch, like the third rail with some trains and subway systems that are deadly to touch due to being electrified.

Democrats, as a party, have not jumped on Common Core opposition like you’ve seen Republicans do, but there are some state parties, like Washington State Democrats, have come out in opposition. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo when running for reelection had a primary challenger who was anti-Common Core.

They didn’t outright support it in their platform in 2012, but they couldn’t criticize it either since the Obama Administration was instrumental in getting states to sign-on through the Race to the Top program which Democrats praised.

Their presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton supports national standards so for the DNC to criticize it, especially when they were working to ensure Clinton got the nomination would be uncouth.

So the Democratic Party has failed to listen to many of their own supporters because it isn’t politically expedient. Instead of embracing an issue that has bipartisan value they mainly focus in their education platform what divides Americans.

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2 thoughts on “DNC Says Common Core Is a Third Rail

  1. I am so over being a sucker.

    Here we are … on the cusp of the political season … and no one wants to talk about Common Core.

    Email leaks reveal that Hillary Clinton’s brave position on Common Core is to say nothing. And the Trump camp thinks a line or two is super-satisfying. What a pair!

    Read here: http://missourieducationwatchdog.com/wikilleaks-common-core-email-dnc-believes-its-a-political-third-rail/

    Here’s the problem: Common Core still has an identity complex. Is it a liberal issue? Conservative? Moderate? Let’s clear that up for the umpteenth time.

    It’s politicians vs. citizens. Got it??

    Common Core has virtually NO support among parents and teachers and educators in the know. It’s a mess of a reform … it’s loathed … and someone is going to pay a hefty political price for ignoring the issue … or gather up lots of important votes by cleaning out their ears and listening to millions of voters.

    It crosses party lines. Get that? I know that makes it all so uncomfortable for the politicians … but … but I don’t care. It’s an issue that can belong to anyone with enough courage.

    That’s the absurd dance this squeamish duo is doing … because … as those Clinton emails reveal … Common Core is a “third rail” issue they’d rather not talk about. Oh! Really? Well, then … I think we should make sure it shocks the hell out of them both.

    Hillary blames the “roll-out”. Bull.

    Trumps says charters are the cure. More bull.

    Neither is willing to take a real stand about Common Core the Issue.

    I think they should … and I think we should force them. That’s our job. That’s been our job since forever.

    Psssst … Memo to both parties: The misery is plentiful. It’s an issue that can be shared. It’s so unpopular … there’s more than enough to go around.

    Here’s a simple idea. If you wanna have war over Common Core, make it about who will repeal it faster. Make it about who will champion neighborhood schools … and who wants a return to local control. Make it about ending the stink of the Department of Education. And make it clear that our schools are not for sale.

    Oh! And be extra certain you mention the kids. They’re the ones that matter.

    Simple stuff, right? Get on their FaceBook page. Email them. Call. Make those statements as clear as a bell … and one of them will load up on votes. The other goes home.

    We’re not suckers anymore. Say “Hi” to the “third rail”.

    Denis Ian

    h/t Michelle Moore

  2. Common Core is way to get to the new world order. Why would either of them want to muddy the water and talk about common core. We need to get more and more new congressmen into office. The president has very littler power (since Richard Nixion and the presidential office was striped) but if we really want to make a change get anti common core people elected no matter what their party.

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