Dismantling in Our Education System What Other Countries Want to Adopt

800px-School-education-learning-1750587-hI ran across an interesting blog post from Michael Deshotels who is a retired Louisiana educator who taught science to middle school and high school students.  He also served as the executive director of the Louisiana Association of Educators.  I don’t necessarily agree with all that he has to say, but he brings up a number of good points.  I especially wanted to highlight the following excerpt:

Instead of enrolling all of our students in a college prep curriculum such as that fostered by the CCSS, Louisiana should develop practical math and ELA courses that prepare students for work and citizenship. Students should have the opportunity to study literature, social studies, art, music, citizenship and government. All courses should be rigorous and demanding, but students should be able to connect their school training to real life applications.

China and Korea have tried standardization of their education program for years and are now trying to adopt the more productive parts of the American system that we now seem determined to dismantle. Finland which is recognized as having one of the most successful education systems in the world does not put this insane emphasis on test based standardization of the curriculum. There teachers are not just test teachers but are expected to inspire and to encourage diversity in their students. What we are about to do to our education system with implementation of Common Core is just wrong and educationally unsound!

Read the whole thing here.

Photo credit: Wooley Wonder Works (CC-By-2.0)