Dismantling Common Core Is a Top Priority for Kentucky Senate


AP reports that the Kentucky Senate Republicans have introduced a bill that would dismantle the Common Core State Standards. The Republicans, who hold majority status in the Senate, have made it their top priority.

This is in a state that was an early adopter of the Common Core and have seen dismal results since. Kentuckians also has a new anti-Common Core Governor in Matt Bevin.  The Kentucky House of Representatives is still Democrat led, but it’s possible that bipartisan opposition could be raised.

AP writes:

Senate Education Committee Chairman Mike Wilson said Wednesday the bill would create a new Kentucky-based system to oversee school standards and assessments. Wilson says the goal is to boost the number of students deemed college and career ready after graduating from high school.

Wilson says the current system has created a “quagmire of instructional compliance rather than results.”

Kentucky’s academic standards are based on the national Common Core standards.

The bill is the top priority of Senate Republicans in the 60-day session that began Tuesday.