DeVos Doubles Down on “Federal Common Core Is No More” Rhetoric

Education Secretary Betsy DeVoss and President Donald Trump at St. Andrew Catholic School in Orlando, FL

U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos after claiming in April on Fox News that “Common Core is no more” doubles down on that rhetoric.

On WWMT Channel 3 (West Michigan’s CBS affiliate) last week DeVos reiterated that Common Core is gone.

In the exclusive interview, we asked if DeVos plans on repealing Common Core.

In November of 2016, Ivanka Trump was very direct about her father’s plans for Common Core.

“He would repeal it,” said Ivanka.

Now, that the new Trump administration is in place, Newschannel 3 put the question to Secretary DeVos.

“Is that your plan?” asked Newschannel 3’s Nick Minock.

“Well, with the implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act, in essence, Common Core is not a national program or mandate anymore,” said DeVos. “Power has been returned to state and local entities to be able to decide what standards and what expectations they are going to have of their students. Now I’m very hopeful that every state will set their expectations high. We want them to shoot high on behalf of their students, but the reality is there is no more federal Common Core and it’s not mandated from the federal level.”

Saying something over and over again does not make it accurate. Thirty-seven states have implemented Common Core and have not repealed, reviewed or rewritten it. The nine states that have addressed Common Core in some form or fashion have only rebranded the standards.

Since she likes to repeat the same lie about what Every Student Succeeds Act accomplishes, let me reiterate myself.

The Every Student Succeeds Act requires the alignment of state standards, assessments, and accountability systems to the Common Core. While it does not explicitly say “Common Core” within the law, ESSA does use the “college-and-career-ready” lingo employed by Common Core advocates.

Also, if the Secretary of Education claims that any part of the plan submitted by the state fails to fulfill the requirements of the Act – that is, that in her opinion, it fails “to [prepare students to] graduate from high school prepared for postsecondary education and the workforce without remediation” – the Secretary can deny the state plan. This new authority for the Secretary of Education is an action that DeVos said in February was an appropriate role for the Department.

States will be pressured into keeping the Common Core rather than risk having their plans disapproved for using different standards or aligned assessments which are what we’ve primarily seen leading up to state’s submitting their accountability plans.

Trump’s promise to repeal Common Core was a false promise. It can only be repealed at the state level. DeVos demonstrates that she is entirely incapable of doing what needs to be done to truly return control of education to the state and local levels. Hiding behind ESSA won’t get the job done. Implying that Common Core qualifies as “high standards” won’t either (somebody needs to ask her that question point blank).

2 thoughts on “DeVos Doubles Down on “Federal Common Core Is No More” Rhetoric

  1. The ONLY way to truly rid the country of Common Core and federal overreach is to first repeal ESSA, then shut out the lights on the US Dept. of Ed and remove ALL education policy from ALL federal agencies including higher education and the college loan program which inflates the cost of higher education (that would include HHS, Dept. of Labor, Dept. of Defense etc.). Then shut down all data collection/sharing past the local and state level. Lastly, get out of UNESCO ASAP! Many of us knew Trump had no clue what he was talking about when he said Common Core will be repealed and tried to meet with him but his handlers were not about to allow him to hear the truth about education in America. So now we must take matters into our own hands. Time to STARVE THE BEAST.

    1. I used to think that there were certain departments at USDE that were worth saving, but now I believe the whole thing needs to be blown into bits. It would rise again like a Phoenix from the ashes but maybe in it’s new form structured from the ground up, it could be better for children and the teaching profession. As it is now, it is nothing but a money laundering scheme for the free marketeers and reformers to get their hands on the billions of education tax dollars. I know Jimmy Carter created the department for altruistic reasons, but it has become nothing but a behemoth of corruption.

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