Defeat by Distraction

Hutch Technical High School in Buffalo, NY
Hutch Technical High School in Buffalo, NY

Defeat by distraction. That’s the Common Core game plan.

Every new school year renews the resistance to the Common Core reform. And parents new to this experience find themselves slathered in information and fear. Once upon a time we were the tenderfoot class … now we should act as sweet sages.

Every day brings another avalanche of studies, statistics, findings, and stuff. More babble. More white noise. More junk-speak. All on purpose.

The strategy is simple. Complicate the reform issue with fleshy gibberish and endless jabberwocky. Scare ordinary folks. Make the issues seem too, too deep and too, too heavy for folks busy enough with all that parenthood demands.

The greatest fear of the reform mob is parents.

Parents own infinite passion when it comes to their children. And if lots and lots of parents glue themselves together, well, this reform morphs into mighty. That’s not the sort of muscle educrats, politicians, and local board members want to confront. Remember that.

And parents new to this resistance should remember this.

Don’t be seduced by every morsel of information that gets dressed in glitter-words. Don’t be intimidated by edu-blather or fat-words. Tutor yourself daily … and reach out for help when you need it.

Stay simple and stay on the issues that matter: Resist federal control. Protect childhood. Refuse the testing trap. Reclaim your schools.

Remember: No children, no reform. Your cooperation is your trump-card. If you don’t play, the game ends.

A caveat to the old-timers in this resistance.

Embrace newcomers as you were once embraced. Soothe new and nervous parents with warm reassurances that they have saddled-up with a child-centric confederacy of warriors who protect children … theirs included. And then tutor them slowly … and warn them of nonsense-overload.

The reformists are deceivers. Their strategy is to dazzle us with nonsense-junk. To unbalance us all and to blur the simple truths.

They want our schools. They want our children. They want to politicize and profitize education … and have us foot the bill … and have our children pay the price. No way.

Avoid the information over-load … and listen to your heart. That drum in your chest always speaks the truth. Follow that beat.

One thought on “Defeat by Distraction

  1. Be wary of the marketing buzzwords of the reformers. Corporate funded Think-Tanks have co-opted some language from the authentic education research & filtered it into the media.

    Personalized learning
    Have a “conversation”
    Achievement Gap
    Disruption, Disrupt,
    Reconstitute (a school, a university)
    Innovate, innovation
    Student Success! (any non-profit that uses phrases such as achievement, success, college & career ready and an !)
    Leader, leaders, leadership
    Smarter Balanced Standards
    Expectations (high expectations or low expectations, depends on if you agree or disagree with a reformer)
    High Quality ____________
    ANY Online University’s website (here’s an example of an online university that gets tons of education $ from the Feds

    All hype. These words are intended to separate us from our money.There are probably more examples but the rule of thumb is if the promises are too good to be true, don’t believe them.

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