Connecting with Anti-Common Core State Groups on Facebook

Thanks to Laura Rambeau Lee at Right Reason for compiling a list of anti-Common Core Facebook pages and groups by state.  We have many of these Facebook pages, as well as, organization websites here (we typically only list the Facebook page if they don’t have a website).

She has 55 groups so far.  While it is ok to have more than one Facebook page and group per state for maximum effectiveness I’d encourage groups to work together.  Before you start a new page see if there’s already an effort going on in your state and join it.  We accomplish more when we work together.

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Update: I learned that the original list has been compiled by a group of dedicated parents and teachers against Common Core, and their Face Book page can be found at Parents and Educators Against Common Core.

10 thoughts on “Connecting with Anti-Common Core State Groups on Facebook

  1. I wish your groups were on something other than Facebook. I will not join Facebook. You should also read this article about Zuckerberg’s newly formed PAC:;_ylt=AwrNUbI6J2hRjC4AHlfQtDMD

    One of the targets is education standards, and you can bet that means supporting Common Core. People interested in stopping CC should choose another medium to transmit their concerns and actions.

    1. Robert, I did list a link where we have websites of different state groups.
      Re. Facebook while I share your frustration it would simply be communications suicide not to be on it from an organization’s perspective. Not able to boycott everything. I assume you aren’t using any Microsoft products today right? 🙂

  2. you can also add Parents and Educators Against Common Core Standards in Education on Facebook…we also have groups broken down by states.

  3. Can you please add The Educational Freedom Coalition: Our website is primarily informational for homeschoolers, but readers there can also link to join our Facebook group, which has nearly 2,900 members all over the country. We have on-going discussion there and help each other advocate among homeschoolers and also with our non-homeschooling friends and family.

  4. Want to connect with other anti-Common Core groups, especially in MT. Lincoln County Republican Club in Libby, Montana (Lincoln County) is working hard to educate our communities about this. Most teachers didn’t know anything about it. The Superintendent won’t return calls. Reason for conservative -minded people need to be running for office. Also reason for people to be INFORMED voters … know how the candidates stand on things.

  5. I think opt out of standardized testing groups (organized by states) would be a good place to further the message about Common Core since the tests are an extension of the strongarm tactics Duncan is using.

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