Common Core’s Latest PR Campaign Is Awfully Lame

Common Core still hasn’t found its softer, fuzzy side.

Opponents have video of exasperated kids, we don’t need to produce a video with actors when we can talk to real moms, dads, and kids.  On the other side Six One Seven Studios, a group of filmmakers who want to help get the word out about Common Core, made this two minute video.


They describe the video, “Pop-pop takes Hector late to his first day of school to meet his teacher Mrs. Johnson and gets a lesson in what (Common Core) it’s really about.”

Look how they portray “Pop-pop” – old, cantankerous, overly talkative, rude, interrupts a lot, and not very smart.  He says “I’m a little worried about this Common Core stuff I’ve seen on TV, you are not going to make him read stuff just because Bill Gates said so are you?

Teacher… “no, I a.”

“Pop-pop” interrupting… “Because I understand…. I’ve been hearing about these standards where they have been making these kids into machines career-ready and college so they can go to work in his computer factory.  And frankly, he ain’t making the best computers anymore.  Just saying.”

Hector – “No Pop-pop it’s not that.”

“Pop-pop” says, “The master speaks.  Look I was in the service fighting for our freedom.  And I don’t want this nice school and this very nice teacher, Mrs. Jenkins…”

He gets her name wrong and she corrects… “Mrs. Johnson being told what to do by these rich computer guys and the nerdy glasses.”

Wow.  Talk about misrepresenting Common Core opposition.  Mrs. Johnson who to has obviously been patient listening to this guy talk responds, “You are so right Mr. Scarlotti the best thing for Hector this year is for he and I to get together to find the types of things he likes to read and then get him interested and really good at reading them.”

“Pop-pop asks, “No checking in with this iPod guy right.”

The teacher shakes her head, “No, no just Hector and I making reading choices that are good for Hector and then working with him to get better at it every day.”

“Pop-pop” says, “Well ok, sounds good to me Hecto.”

Hector asks, “will it be more than an hour a day?”

Pop-pop and the teacher laugh and nod yes….

Then on the screen you see…. “Common Core, It’s Better Than You Heard.”

This video is unmitigated nonsense.  First off they didn’t even address Common Core, unless they think teachers didn’t help struggling readers pre-Common Core.  Secondly they portray Common Core as being individualized which it most certainly is not.  Third, what 7th grade classroom is this?  This conversation would make sense if Jr. High/Middle Schools were run like elementary schools, but they are not.  Middle school students have teachers, not just a single teacher.

But hey, Common Core, it’s better than you’ve heard…. Trust them. *Snort*

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  1. No shame at all, make the grandfather look crazy, God help us stop common core. Hate this propaganda.

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