Common Core Withdrawal Bill Filed in New York Assembly

New York State Capitol

Bill A07994 was filed yesterday in the New York Assembly and then referred to the education committee.  This bill will halt the implementation of the Common Core State Standards and Race to the Top in the State of New York if passed.

Below is the text of the bill:

2013 Race to the Top & Common Core Withdrawal Bill Draft by Al Graf

Lisa Christiansen of Stop Common Core in New York State sent me a list of co-sponsors for the bill.

NYS Assembly Bill Co-Signers A07994

The next course of action would be to contact the members on the education committee and strongly urge their support of this bill.  They expect a Senate companion bill to be filed soon.

Picture credit: Pete Dzintars via Flickr (CC-By-NC-SA 2.0)

2 thoughts on “Common Core Withdrawal Bill Filed in New York Assembly

  1. Awesome! Common core is a federal and corporate takeover of public education. It is developmentally inappropriate and has been criticized by many in the education field. The only ones for it are getting paid. I want to hide my children from these people. Plus they want any and all data they can amass on each and every kid in America. (they already got the adults thanks to NSA). Time to kick Common Core to the curb. Its garbage.

  2. Excellent. My adult children got an excellent NYS education without common core. I’d like to allow my grand children the same advantage! Ax this sucker program!

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