Common Core Targeted in Missouri Legislative Hearing

mo-flagThe Missouri House Interim Committee on Improving Government Responsiveness met yesterday and they got an earful from parents about the Common Core.  From the Missouri Times:

The House Interim Committee on Improving Government Responsiveness, Efficiency and Accountability met today in a hearing that largely became about the implementation of Common Core standards in Missouri

Parents from around the state testified before the committee about their concerns surrounding the new program, which would require schools across the state to adopt new standards for Mathematics and English.

Jill Carter, a parent from the East Newton School District, said her school board told her their “hands were tied” in implementing the new standards and that local control was at stake.

“If a local school board will lose accreditation with the state if they don’t adopt these new standards, then were is the local control?” Carter told The Missouri Times. “The Missouri State Board of Education says that local school districts are the guardians of education in the state. How can they be the guardians if they are being dictated to?”

Parents are also tiring of being ignored or marginalized by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education:

Parents at the Tuesday hearing said the DESE meetings have not been helpful so far.

Stacy Shore, a mother of two, has said she intends to pull her children from their district if the situation continues, and said that at the public hearing she attended, DESE officials read from talking points and did not take questions. DESE representatives flatly denied this charge to The Missouri Times.

“It’s my tax dollars and this is my children’s education,” Shore said to the committee. “But when I persist with questions, I’m treated like a zealot or something, and I’m just a concerned parent.”

One thought on “Common Core Targeted in Missouri Legislative Hearing

  1. Let me be clear….DESE did take questions. They held an informative meeting on Common Core in May of 2013 when they came into each of the Congressional districts in Missouri. At that time, they showed a video and read from a script. At the end of the video they started their script reading by telling us that they would not ANSWER any questions that night. They would TAKE our questions back to the department of education (DESE), and post answers on their website. So when dealing with the tricky wordsmiths from DESE you have to talk the same language the same way they do as not to confuse the truth. For clarity for the reporter at the Missouri Times, yes…they TOOK questions. They took our questions all the way back to DESE…without ANSWERING any on them. This is a true statement.

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