Common Core Supporter Chas Romer Not Seeking Reelection to Louisiana BESE

louisiana-state-flag-2The Baton Rogue Advocate reports that the Louisiana’s biggest cheerleader for Common Core, Board of Elementary and Secondary Education President Chas Roemer, will not seek reelection to the board.

“I have never sought to be a lifelong politician,” he told The Advocate in an interview. “I have other things to do.”

Roemer has been undecided for weeks on whether to seek re-election.

However, his announcement shakes up the contests for the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education at a crucial time.

Educators and others just launched a review of Common Core, eight of 11 BESE seats will be on the Oct. 24 primary ballot and the results will help determine the future of sweeping changes in public schools since 2012.

BESE will recommend what and how Common Core should be changed, which means the primary contests and Nov. 21 runoffs will help determine whether the panel retains its pro-Common Core tilt.

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How much his advocacy for Common Core hurt Roemer’s reelection prospects is uncertain, but this provides an opportunity for Louisiana parents to flip the state school board.