Common Core Revolution (Video)

The video below landed in my inbox.  It is a light-hearted attempt by some Massachusetts parents to bring awareness to the problem of Common Core.


Here are the lyrics below.  The music is from the Beatles.

We say we want a Revolution
Well you know, we all hate Common Core
You tell me it’s a school solution
Well you know, it makes a parent go to war

And when you take away democracy,
Don’t you know that you can count me out!

Well we have to tell the Feds, it’s not all right…

Politicians fear no retribution
Well you know, we’re all going to vote them out
‘Race to The Top’ is no contribution,
Well you know, control and money’s what is what its about

If you want math and tests we really hate,
No art and music makes us really irate

Well we have to tell the Feds, it’s not all right…

You’d have to change the Constitution
Well you know, you just spit on it instead
Teachers have no say in education
Well you know, schools should be state led

But if you go carrying pictures of Bill gates
The 99% better change our fate

Well we have to tell the Feds, it’s not all right…

4 thoughts on “Common Core Revolution (Video)

  1. Thank you for sharing my Common Core Revolution video, it’s exciting to have it spreading across the country! Keep up the good fight and thank you for all you do to help stop Common Core! Rock on!

  2. My name is Rep Lora Reinbold-I have been working for years with American Principles Project using their research to try to rid the State of Alaska of Common Core-although we have a prohibition in our state law on spending money on a set of standards based on the Common Core. The bureaucrats continue to push their way against state law. Even when parents are opting their children out of the assessments they are forcing the kids to take them. We have a real mess on our hands in Alaska and across this nation! Keep up the fight I will stand strong in opposition to the Common Core movement!

    1. Thanks! Let us know if there is anything happening in Alaska you want/need highlighted.

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