Common Core Repeal Bill Filed in Pennsylvania House

State Representative Gordon Denlinger earlier this month filed legislation that would repeal the Common Core State Standards in the Keystone State.

From a press release that he sent out:

“On Nov. 21, 2013, by a vote of 3-2, the Commonwealth’s Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC) adopted key revisions to Pennsylvania Core Academic Standards in lieu of national Common Core standards. While some celebrated this as a victory – i.e., replacing Common Core with Pennsylvania Core – in truth we were just rebranding a bad product in an effort to convince customers the serious problems we knew existed had been fixed,” Denlinger said.

Denlinger’s legislation would require the State Board of Education to develop new regulations to replace the PA Core/Common Core standards in Pennsylvania in conjunction with a special 21-member commission created by the General Assembly. This commission would be composed of public school educators, parents of public school students, members of the business community, the majority and minority chairmen of Senate and House education committees, the state secretary of education, and the chair of the State Board of Education.

The commission would be required to submit recommendations for replacing the PA Core Standards to the State Board of Education within six months.

The State Board of Education would then be required to promulgate final omitted regulations based on the commission’s recommendations no later than one year from receipt of the recommendations. Those regulations may not deviate from the recommendations of the commission.

Denlinger crafted the legislation because he continues to hear concerns with the academic quality of the Common Core standards from teachers, school administrators, parents and students.

“While Pennsylvania made some minor adjustments to the Common Core standards, those adjustments were clearly not enough to salvage what will be a disaster for the quality of education in our state,” Denlinger said. “I believe Pennsylvania must lead the way in rejecting this continuous push toward the federalization of our educational system. For the sake of our children, we need to regain control of our education process by re-empowering our local school districts in order to restore the richness of the American education experience.”