Common Core Repeal Bill Filed in Mississippi Senate

mississippi-state-capitolState Senator Angela Burks Hill (R-Picayune) filed SB 2736 which if passed would prohibit the Mississippi State Board of Education from implementing the Common Core State Standards.  It also would repeal the state’s SLDS system.

It has been referred to the Mississippi Senate Education Committee.

The 10th Amendment Center has a great call to action for it.  Here are the committee members below:

Update: Sorry we posted on this late.  It looks as though this bill died in committee.

One thought on “Common Core Repeal Bill Filed in Mississippi Senate

  1. Today was the deadline for bills originating in House and Senate to come
    out of education committee. For ‘some’ reason bills did not get filed
    in the house but the bills intro by Sen. Hill in the senate died in
    committee today, 2/4. So, the all republican leadership, gov, lt. gov,
    speaker, and both ed chairmen managed to keep common core going. Hearings in the house ed comm. have been requested but denied thus far.
    The MS Dept. of Ed has a new state super nominated, Dr. Carrie Wright of
    D.C., who has cleared the senate ed committee and will face a full
    senate hearing this session. Dr. Wright is an ardent supporter of Common
    Core and universal pre-k starting at 3 years old.

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