Common Core Repeal Bill Clears Oklahoma Senate Committee


The Oklahoma Senate Education committee cleared HB 3399 Monday.  The bill would repeal the Common Core in Oklahoma in lieu of new standards being written in math and English Language Arts by the State Board of Education by August 1, 2015.  An assessment aligned to those standards is required to be implemented by the 2017-2018 school year.

Randy Ellis in The Oklahoman writes that the bill passed on an 11-0 vote and will now go to the full Senate.  Some anti-Common Core activists have concerns about the bill.  Restore Oklahoma Public Education’s Jenni White acknowledged that the bill is not a perfect one, but that it will stop implementation of the Common Core in Oklahoma.

If this is passed and signed by Governor Mary Fallin, who seems to be open to doing so, Oklahoma will join Indiana as the second state to pull out.  Oklahoma already pulled out of PARCC last summer. The question that will remain after that is whether the state will truly get new standards or a rebranding of the Common Core.

Photo credit: © Caleb Long (CC-By-SA 2.5)