Common Core Critics Are Not Just Saying No

Hess & McShane?

Frederick M. Hess & Michael McShane wrote an an article for National Review yesterday.  They contend that we must develop our own state-level versions of “repeal and replace.”

Duh.  Thanks for stating the obvious.  We’ve got a regular Sherlock and Dr. Watson duo here.

It’s quite apparent the esteemed gentlemen from American Enterprise Institute have not been paying attention to Common Core critics and the state-level battles.  We have advocated higher standards.  We have offered alternatives.  We have pointed to superior state standards like what California and Massachusetts had before the Common Core.

They bring up the mess in Indiana, I agree it is a mess, and is one created out of a desire to kiss the U.S. Department of Education ring in order to keep their beloved waiver.  Our answer was encourage the state to develop strong state standards using superior state standards as a model.  Even reverting back to the previous Indiana Academic Standards would have been better than what they’re currently doing.  No we can lay this current mess at the feet of those who insisted Indiana have standards “aligned” to the Common Core in order to keep their precious (and unconstitutional) ESEA flexibility waiver.

Anyway, Mr. Hess and Mr. McShane it would behoove you to actually pay attention to what his going on in the states before publishing half-cocked.  Your clucking your tongues at those who have actually been active in the fight just makes you look foolish.