Common Core Criticized at Defending the American Dream Summit

Americans for Prosperity Foundation held their annual Defending the American Dream Summit in Orlando, FL last Friday and Sunday.  The Common Core State Standards were discussed by a number of the speakers (and by the crowd on occasion).

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) reemphasized his opposition to the Common Core State Standards which you can see in a video taken by The Shark Tank where he received overwhelming praise from the activists gathered.


Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) in his comments during the ending session of the summit said, ““There is a grass-roots uprising that is sweeping this nation.  The American people are standing up and saying we want our freedom back. And I’m going to give the simplest and best advice for President Obama and for Republicans and Democrats in Congress: Listen to the people… Listen to the people on Common Core.”

Cruz received loud applause mentioning the Common Core.

Florida Governor Rick Scott was heckled by the audience due to his support of the Common Core State Standards.

Conservative syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin poked at the Common Core during her speech on Friday night and during a Saturday morning workshop at the companion conference held by Americans for Prosperity called RightOnline.  In an interview with Caffeinated Thoughts she said, “Listen to the grassroots.  Don’t make the mistake of dismissing voices of all of these entirely dissatisfied parents who are heck of a lot more informed than you are and your staffs are about the Fed Ed corruption.  I understand that a lot of these Republicans think they are doing what is in their self interest, but they are so psychologically deluded.  I think in part it may as crass and craven as listening to donors.  You have got all of these big businesses… that’s what driving this.  So if they are listening to money then the only way to combat that is with political force.”