Common Core Complaint Filed With Oregon Attorney General

oregon-state-flag-01A complaint (see below) addressing the state of Oregon’s mandate that local school districts adopt the Common Core was filed with the Oregon Attorney General Ellen F. Rosenblum by Donna Bleiler the Oregon Chair for As A Mom.  Radical Moms in Oregon and We the Parents Speak also support the action.  The complaint accuses Rob Saxton, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction and the Oregon School Board Association (OSBA) of coercion under ORS 163.275, and bribery under ORS 162.015 as exhibited in the Guide to Common Core State Standards and presentations to school administrators.

Donna Bleiler, administrator of Radical Moms in Oregon and Oregon As A Mom, filed the complaint after she said she heard from parents all around the state being put-off by school boards and administrators because they were being forced to adopt the Common Core State Standards. 

The complaint suggests that the Guide illegally threatens school districts with repercussions if they don’t adopt CCSS. Bleiler says school boards and administrators are being deliberately mislead. These threats force school districts to violate their statutory responsibility to maintain local control over course content, format, materials and teaching methods; to seek local public input in the process of establishing standards; involve the public in setting of local goals of self-evaluation; and see that adequate funding support is spent to best meet the needs of students in their communities.

Bleiler said she filed the complaint in an attempt to stop the threats and afford local school boards and administrators their authority over local curriculum and assure they have access to teacher and public input free from duress.

You can see the complaint below: