Common Core at #CPAC2014

Senator Ted Cruz
Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaking at CPAC

Common Core, as an issue, has been largely absent from CPAC – at least in the Potomac Ballroom.  Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) discussed it during a bloggers briefing when I asked him about the silence at the conference yesterday.  Today, Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) came closest when he said the Constitution doesn’t give the right to “federalize the classroom.”  He called for the Federal government to roll back to what the Constitution actually allows.

There was a panel discussion yesterday on Common Core sponsored by the Hertiage Foundation.  Below is my recap from my liveblog yesterday at Caffeinated Thoughts (go to the bottom and read up).

4:25p: Session is wrapping up. My iPad keyboard needs charging and the blog able aspects of the conference is about over. Signing this off for the day. One last comment from Stergios: If the Common Core assessments die, the Common Core dies.

4:21p: Mike Huckabee was pointed out by a member of the audience. Stergios defended to a point saying that Governors Huckabee and Jindal are coming at this from a perspective of having poor state standards. Solution should have come from the state.

4:18p: Stergios: Voucher programs in Indiana, Ohio and Indiana have come with strings attached, Common Core aligned assessments.

4:17p: Stergios: Common Core ends with Algebra II-lite. Will not prepare student for STEM.

4:16p: Stergios: Experimental approach to geometry developed by Soviets, has never been successful, and is required by Common Core.

4:14p: Stergios: All of the reading research shows that focusing on great literature and poetry expands and deepens a kid’s vocabulary. Informational text doesn’t do that.

4:13p: Stergios: At least $16 Billion will be spent by states and localities to implement this. But the spending goes far beyond what Pioneer’s cost report indicates.

4:11p: Stergios: LBJ & Carter realized that national curriculum, standards, & assessments were a bridge too far, and yet there are friends among us who think this is conservative.

4:09p: Stergios: NGA/CCSSO process was far different than actual state-led process. Common Core did not have any public hearings, did not involve teachers like state education reforms had, and did not involve parents.

4:07p: Stergios: Reasons why people are coming out now. It’s costly. Federal power grab, Moms who see homework come home that shocks, Common Core back dooring into private options.

4:04p: Stergios: Common Core is a homogenized, top-down fad in education that forces compliance and will kill innovation.

4:03p: Enlow: True accountability comes from parents.

3:59p: Enlow says it says a lot about Obama that he defunded DC scholarship program, worked against Louisiana voucher program and then funded Race to the Top. Common Core is homogenized and doesn’t provide choice. Says Association of Christian Schools International and Catholics aligned because we need to strengthen our private sector.

3:57p: Enlow cites school voucher program in Indiana. Program has drained Indianapolis public schools that the district wanted a bill that allows them to take over schools and get rid of unions. Ft. Wayne public schools had to door knock.

3:54p: Enlow: Parents should be in charge of education. Parents should have choice. “I run the competing vision in the nation.”

3:53p: Schlafly: “Common Core gives liberal a backdoor for bringing in propaganda.” Via focus on informational text.

3:51p: Schlafly discusses ELA text which is “well aligned” with Common Core.

3:49p: Schlafly: Math using constructivist approach, ELA standards using new textual criticism, not the joy of reading.

3:48p: Schlafly: Discussing how standards are now tied to statewide longitudinal data gathering. Law was supposed to protect against this, but FERPA was gutted.

3:47p: Schlafly: “Aligned” is the new magic word.

3:44p: Schlafly: goes through failed education reforms. She states that the goal is to have national control of curriculum through common standards and assessments.

3:37p: Schlafly: Common Core is the hottest issue with the grassroots.

3:31p: At the Common Core workshop with Lindsey Burke of Heritage Foundation, Jim Stergios of the Pioneer Institute, Robert Enlow of the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, and Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum.

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