Common Core Advocates Refuse to Debate in Colorado

Parent Led Reform is hosting a Common Core Community Forum on Monday, August 12th from 7:30p-9p (MDT) in Centennial, CO.  Their intent was to have both sides of the issue presented, but we received word today that those who had previously committed to advocated for the Common Core have pulled out.  Seven organizations that advocate for the Common Core were invited to send representation with expenses paid, but they declined.

What are they afraid of?

If you live in Colorado, come learn what Common Core supporters are afraid of:

Common Core Community Forum

Monday, August 12th 7:30p – 9:00p (MST)

Koelbel Library (5955 S. Holly St., Centennial, CO)

Colorado Board of Education Chair Paul Lundeen was originally going to moderate, but now John Ransom from Town Hall Finance will moderate instead out of respect for Mr. Lundeen.

The panelists include: Shane Vander Hart (American Principles Project, Truth In American Education), Joy Pullmann (Heartland Institute), Jamie Gass (Pioneer Institute), and Treon Goossen (Colorado State Coordinator for

General admission for the event is $10.00, you can register here.