Common Core Advocacy Goes Violent

Michael Mulgrew – President of United Federation of Teachers

Nothing says “hey let’s have an open dialogue about Common Core” like a threat of violence.

Michael Mulgrew is the president of the United Federation of Teachers, a union for teachers in New York City Schools, who is apparently passionate about the Common Core State Standards.

New York Daily News reports that during an hour long debate on the Common Core during the American Federation of Teachers Convention last month he said during his remarks, “If someone takes something from me I’m going to grab it right back out of their cold, twisted sick hands and say it is mine, and I am going to punch you in the face and push you in the dirt because this is the teachers!  These are our tools and you sick people need to deal with us and the children we teach.”

Heaven forbid that as a parent I don’t want you to use your tools on my kids.

What a tool.

There was equal passion on the side who opposed Common Core, but they were somehow able to refrain from issuing physical threats.

Ed Notes posted a video of excerpts of the debate including Mulgrew’s remarks that you can watch below:

39 thoughts on “Common Core Advocacy Goes Violent

  1. Liberals are some sick, scary people.. I do not associate with them what so ever and never will.. Violent, horrible people..

    1. Wth do liberals have to do with this?? Clearly you are uneducated about this matter. I’m a teacher who dislikes common core. I feel it’s a joke and feel it really doesn’t teach children better. I’m pretty liberal. Why is it always a liberal or conservative thing? Think before you start your hatred comments that have NOTHING to add to an article.

      1. Generalizations are never completely accurate, but please visit the comment sections where progressives dwell and you will see that the majority of the responses to people who disagree with them is violent rhetoric and name-calling.

      2. I didn’t think most teachers were smart enough to use a strawman argument, which means you probably aren’t a real teacher, you just play one online.

      3. OBVIOUSLY HE IS NOT! Liberals are those who have been yanking the educational system into the hell hole it’s become. Walk any campus with a GOP tee on and you’ll be attacked, swarmed. Offer up a conservative opinion and you’ll be arrested.
        It’s trickled down into the -k-12 school systems and I for one- think you all should be ashamed of yourselves.
        Liberalism aside- you shouldn’t be teaching children WHAT to think but HOW. AND you should be keeping your personal politics to yourselves!

        1. Mainly because when you present them with facts they have nothing left but insults threats and violence. Fact is that common core is an indoctrination of our children in the way the government wants them taught and what they want them taught. Some of common core seeks to leave out parts of history and the people that lived it.Already talk about removing the names of such people as James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin,and Abraham Lincoln just to name some.

          1. Amen to that one, it is an indoctrination no doubt about it ! Not to mention the things IN BLOOM had in store for us, some of the questions where straight out of a George Orwell Novel, it is scary what is becoming out of this country

  2. This guy is a complete moron, scary thought that they let that” tool” loose on our children

  3. Wow, nice! These are definitely not the standards I want my children to have. I’ll punch you in the face and push you in the dirt….. Listen I believe the standards need to change, but I do not believe that the Federal Government should not have their hands in the school system, this is just one more overstep by the Federal Government against the people… The school system has ALWAYS been dictated by the state. And it should stay in the state… The state has to follow common core guidelines because they are being bullied by the Federal Government by the simple fact that if they do NOT do the common core standards they will not fund them.

  4. Good thing I don’t let sickos like that dufus teach my kids. I am the teacher of my children!

  5. Liberals are now showing what they really house within them Fascism/Nazism. They lash out since their side has nothing to debate with.

    1. what does that have to do with being liberal? I am a bit liberal, but I oppose CC and opt my daughter out ,since it started every time.

      1. Because Teachers Unions support Liberals not Conservatives – Fact. Maybe you should re-evaluate your support of liberalism and liberals – that jerk is the face of Liberalism. I opt out.

    2. I am a liberal teacher and oppose common core. I know many, many liberals who hate the oppressive, top-down nature of this imposed curriculum.

      Remember, the MAJORITY of teachers in an NEA survey self-identify as conservative. We don’t know which this guy is.

      1. I support your views on common core that does not prohibit you an I from not seeing eye to eye on other issues. I salute you and NYmon on your common core views. NEA and the guy in the article go against are views. I also support right to work so you garner power over the union when they don’t support one or more of your views, this does not say unions have NO use

  6. OMFG…seriously?? He needs to realize ‘the children we teach’ is OUR children. So, NO, we don’t have to deal with it, nor accept it. In the end, he and his cronies for CC are going to go down…because there is not a parent who sees the truth of this fiasco and doesn’t worry for their child/ren. Parents FIGHT for their kids.

  7. So the union is, apparently, hiring patients from the state mental hospital for leadership positions. No wonder there are so many wack jobs working as teachers in American public schools today.

  8. i wonder how long he would keep his job if all the parents started home-schooling? this guy sounds just like the bullies that we had in junior high/high school. why would anyone want their child taught by these nutjobs?

  9. What a juvenile rant – this guy is a “leader”? This is Liberalism folks – bullying threats violence – immaturity.

    1. This is serious. It is just the beginning of applying a template to the curriculum. I grew up in a system like this.

  10. You may think the standards belong to you, but make no mistake about it, the Children belong to their parents. How dare you assume our children belong to you.

    1. Adolf , Josef and Hillary would disagree with you. They firmly believed
      children belong to the State and The Central Committee determines
      volume of indoctrination used.

  11. If we got rid of the Department of Education, guys like this would disappear like a fart in the wind. Top down control is not the way of the future. CC is top down control.

  12. What’s this? A Union leader threatening violence against his opponents? In New York City, of all places? I’m shocked! Shocked, I say…

  13. That is such a typical union attitude. Threats and violence. Do what we want or… Communist Core is not anything I want my grandson to learn. That’s why we home school. We don’t need the indoctrination.

  14. Entitlement stupidity and arrogance carried to its logical conclusion. What a jerk.

  15. It look’s like we know where the ‘0bamaman’ can find ALL that HATE he was blaming Republicans&Conservatives for last week.
    “Hey OOHBLAAHMA It’s Over Here. We’ve Found It, Seems `YOUR` Union Teachers Had It All Along”!

    1. Maybe it’s time we started acting like it. In a meeting, one then two then ten then …

  16. Message to Mulgrew: If I went any more shit from you I’ll squeeze your head.

  17. No surprises there. If you are not a corrupt radical you have no chance of getting
    a position in 0bama’s hierarchy . Look at the members of his cabinet.

  18. There is a totalitarian in every liberal screaming for a chance to get out.

  19. Put this sick S.O.B. up against the wall and I will shoot him. Perect Union Bullshit at it’s best.

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