Changing the Name Won’t Make the Standards Better

louisiana-state-flag-2The Louisiana Standards are currently being reviewed and will be revised so now educrats want to drop the term Common Core because it’s “toxic.”

The Advocate reports:

Brigitte Nieland, who follows public school issues for the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry and backs the changes, noted that the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education calls the guidelines Louisiana standards.

“I just think most people want to get away from the phrase ‘Common Core,’ ” Nieland said. “We are all aware of how toxic that term is.”

BESE President Chas Roemer, one of the state’s most outspoken backers of the changes, agreed. “The Common Core issue is really done with in this state,” Roemer said.

“People can still use it for political purposes but the reality is we have set a system to review the standards and we will end up with something that is Louisiana standards,” he said.

One committee and three subcommittees — about 100 members in all — are reviewing Common Core before making recommendations to BESE next year.

BESE will then suggest changes of its own and send the plans to the House and Senate education committees and the next governor.

However, Common Core is in public school classrooms for the second year, and it is unclear whether the changes will be sweeping or cosmetic.

How about this… let’s see what kind of changes Louisiana actually makes.  If they make “sweeping” changes and end up with quality standards then great. More than likely based off what I’ve seen with the educrats down there, it’ll be cosmetic, and then I’m sorry we can’t call it anything other than a Common Core rebrand and a farce.

But just changing the names won’t make the standards better.