Mississippi Will Struggle With Common Core Implementation

MDOE-SealI had written earlier that Arizona has funding issues with the Common Core.  Iowa’s Department of Education doesn’t even have statutory authority to implement the SBAC tests.  Now The Sun Herald in Biloxi, MS reports that schools in Mississippi will have a hard time with implementation:

All U.S. students in second through 12th grades, under the newly adopted Common Core State Standards, will take the same standardized tests online rather than on paper at school. The deadline for schools to implement this requirement is the 2014-15 school year.

Many school districts, however, may find themselves struggling with a lack in technology and hardware, outdated electrical infrastructure, a shortage of bandwidth and a need for more staff to manage it all.

“This is going to be a problem in Mississippi if it’s not addressed now in the budget,” Pascagoula School District Superintendent Wayne Rodolfich said.

National standards will require 100 megabytes of bandwidth per 1,000 students. The Pascagoula district has 200MB total. With 7,000 students in the district, Rodolfich said the district plans to increase its bandwidth to 700MB by the 2014-15 school year to meet the standard.

Pascagoula has the third-highest bandwidth capacity in Mississippi, after the DeSoto County School District with 350MB and Jackson Public School District with 250MB. However, DeSoto has 35,000 students, and Jackson district has 30,000, so by comparison, Pascagoula is in “very good shape,” Rodolfich said.

HT: Christel Swasey