Common Core Propaganda: Who Created the Standards Exactly?

Propaganda has accompanied the Common Core State Standards, but now they are being implemented expect it to come out even more.  I wanted to point out an example that was emailed to me yesterday.  From a piece written by Cammy Harbison at  She writes about the benefits of the common core state standards, and right in her overview of the standards we see a glaring untruth.

These standards were developed by classroom teachers, school administrators and experts, in order to provide a consistent framework of instruction across the United States so that our children will be prepared for college and the workforce.

Wrong.  These standards were never developed by classroom teachers or school administrators.  The architect of the Common Core is David Coleman.  Coleman has never been a teacher.  One of the chief criticisms of the Common Core, by teachers no less, is that they were not involved in the development of the Common Core.  She is right that “experts” were involved, but that is a pretty subjective term.  I find it fascinating how somebody could be deemed “an expert” on how and what teachers should teach every child across the country.

Then there’s the fact these standards have never been field tested anywhere.

But parents, don’t worry, these standards rolling out this year (if you happen to be so “lucky” to be in one of the 45 states who are implementing them) will be *beneficial.*  Trust the educrats, it’ll be ok.

Update: Robert Pondiscio left an insightful comment on Facebook and gave me permission to post it here.

The issue with CCSS is not who created them and under what circumstances, but implementation. To be clear the standards do not “provide a consistent framework of instruction.” They are statements of what students should be able to do, not what they should know. But if we knew what it took to get students to that level we’d be doing it already.

Very true, another piece of propaganda exposed.

2 thoughts on “Common Core Propaganda: Who Created the Standards Exactly?

  1. About the standards being “developed by classroom teachers,
    school administrators and experts”… 
    Shane already addressed experts. 
    As for teachers and administrators, one only needs to look at the
    document Common Core State
    Standards Initiative K-12 Standards Development Teams.  The Work Teams are the writing groups
    for the standards.  How many are
    actually teachers?  There are a few
    who appear to be building level school administrators.  Most are mucky-muck administrators and “experts”,
    many of whom have set themselves up to make money providing services related to
    the implementation of these standards. 
    Not surprising.  They got in
    on the ground floor of a new industry revolving around these standards.

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