Common Core Headaches: Not Enough Resources for Implementation

Via Politico from yesterday:

Many of the states phasing in Common Core are finding that they don’t have enough staff — or cash — to train teachers, develop new curriculum materials or support online assessments aligned to the standards, according to a report due to be released today by the Center on Education Policy at The George Washington University.

The study finds states enthusiastic about Common Core; all 40 states surveyed predicted the standards would boost student skills and bump up the rigor of both language arts and math classes. Yet just a handful of states said they had adequate expertise, staffing and fiscal resources to carry out the transition properly. Despite the flood of texts and workbooks promoted as “Common Core-aligned,” states reported particular trouble getting new curriculum material that truly dovetails with their classroom needs. That could mean students will not be well-prepared for the new Common Core tests rolling out in the 2014-15 school year, according to Diane Stark Rentner, the study’s author.

Oh so “Common Core-aligned” is just a marketing farce?  Love it how they’re already making excuses for the tests in 2014-2015.

They also point out that New York is seeing a delay in teaching materials as well.  We had a phrase for this when I was in the Army that I can’t write here, but man it fits.