The Dallas Morning News: Great Fiction Belongs In The Classroom

Great op/ed by Sharon Grigsby, the editor of The Dallas Morning News:

The problem is, according to those who wrote the core standards, misunderstanding of the guidelines is behind the decision by many teachers to cut poetry and classic works of fiction from their classrooms. Wondering how the misunderstanding arose? Apparently, the “clarification” is spelled out in a footnote on page 5 of the 66-page standards.

The good news is that Texas is (so far) one of only four states NOT to adopt these standards. The bad news is that miscommunications over curriculum changes such as this one is why so many of us worry that the critical piece between intentions and implementation so often gets lost….

…No one would argue that today’s students shouldn’t face tough reading assignments. But the idea that great literature doesn’t offer that kind of opportunity (“As I Lay Dying” comes to mind) or might be lost to public school students through miscommunication is misguided.