Indoctrination in Common Core ELA Aligned Texts

Oak Norton of Utahns Against Common Core made a video last month point out indoctrination that exists in textbooks that are used in his state that are aligned to the Common Core ELA standards.  The standards themselves don’t indoctrinate, but the curriculum is susceptible for this – especially there is a shift toward using more informational texts.  He provides an example of social justice activism for 1st graders in a textbook that is supposed to be for reading and writing.

One thought on “Indoctrination in Common Core ELA Aligned Texts

  1. Keep in mind, it’s the textbooks. ANYTHING can be slanted to serve your purpose. Ask to see your child’s textbooks and raise concerns with the publisher. Usually a handful of teachers had input on the choice and usually for a time span of an hour or so. It also doesn’t mean that your child’s teacher will choose those activities. I know I wouldn’t!

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